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Lower Elementary Environment
(6-9 yrs of age)

The Montessori elementary environment at Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre is carefully prepared to appeal to the needs of the child between 6-12 yrs of age. The children are sub-divided into 2 groups - Lower Elementary (6-9 yr olds) and Upper Elementary (9-12 yr olds). However, all of them stay in the same mixed-age environment. They work individually or in small groups, focusing on areas that interest them. They move from concrete experiences to abstract knowledge acquisition during this stage.

We follow Cosmic Education System (as proposed by Dr. Maria Montessori for this age group) at the elementary level at KMRC; which means that a plethora of concepts are introduced to the children in various areas such as Arithmetic, Geometry, Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, Physics, English, Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi. As the children move to upper elementary level, further subjects such as electronics, mechanics, chemistry, computer science, economics, business studies etc are also introduced.

Since none of the content is imparted through rote learning, the children develop holistically and enjoy the process of learning completely. They also start to take ownership of their own education by the time they complete upper elementary level.


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