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Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Plan A:

Homeschooling Kits

Ideal for parents of children who are already attending a Montessori school

We provide homeschooling kits which can be used to complement the online classes that the schools are conducting. This way the children won't miss out on sensorial experiences. Online support with regard to the materials' usage is included.


All the materials are prepared in our in-house workshop and are hand-made. We have been keen on using durable organic materials as much as possible - wood, palm leaves, paper mache, cloth etc


Contact us for the product catalogue or visit our website (Which will be uploaded shortly)

Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Plan B:

Montessori Homeschooling Guidance Program 

Ideal for parents who are considering homeschooling their children full time this academic year.

A 2-week crash course onMontessori homeschooling curriculum is provided for the parents at the beginning. 


Then we will asses the level at which your child is currently in, developmentally, and dispatch a customized activity kit of materials for each month. The kits will include materials from all relevant subjects according to your child's age and previous experiences.


We also provide continuous online support for 10 months. 

For More Details kindly click on the link below.

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