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Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Mrs. Shobhana Vaidyanathan, 

Director - Primary Course IMTC-Chennai

Ms. Deepti Nirmal did her Primary Montessori Course in the year 2014 -15 and the Elementary Course in the year 2017-18 at IMTC-Chennai and has qualified her by receiving both the Diplomas and passing out in flying colours.


Immediately after the Primary Course was completed she returned to her native Marthandam and by the support of her parents she started Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre.

She created the Montessori environment with a lot of care and love, following all the parameters required. She would excitedly and constantly share her experience of this age group with us, which added to the richness of the Montessori movement. Having tasted the 3 year work cycle and got to witness the children’s true nature to a great extent she felt motivated and committed that she should also provide the right environment for the next age group as well i.e. 6 to 12 years. Immediately she chose to do the Elementary Course.


While doing the Elementary Course, she used to travel from Marthandam every weekend to Chennai. This showed her dedication and deep desire to really offer the right help to the children of Kalapgam.


Knowing Deepti, we from IMTC-Chennai feel very happy and satisfied that she has imbibed the Montessori principles and consciously adheres to it with no compromises. Her innovative and creative talents also has come to the forefront when she also ventured to create and manufacture Montessori furniture and some of the didactic materials.


I wish a lot of success in all her endeavors as I see Deepti as one of our dedicated crusaders for the cause and the rights of THE CHILD following the Montessori Principles and pedagogy.

Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Mrs. Mary Giji,


While looking for an appropriate school for my 4 year old child, I happened to come across Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre (KMRC). The word, “Montessori “, struck a chord and I visited the Centre. As I was working away from home, I was of course, an anxious parent. My first meeting with Ms. Deepti, the Director of the Centre, allayed all my fears.  “No book, no homework, no schoolbag, no uniform. Yet your child will experience the joy of learning”, she assured. Thus, my daughter joined KMRC.


The love and care shown to the children in KMRC is unmatched. My daughter would insist on going there even on a holiday! We too were happy that she developed not only intellectually, but also socially and emotionally.


KMRC gives individual care for each and every child. One week end I could not visit my daughter. The following week day, Ms. Deepti called me on my mobile and enquired if I had not come home for the week end. A little confused, I asked her why and she said that she understood it from my child’s behaviour in class and assured me that she would take care of her. I am extremely happy with the individual care and love given to each and every child.


The staff of  KMRC are carefully hand-picked and trained in the principles of Montessori   to give the best education and love and care for the over-all development of the child. The children call the adults “aunties” and this enhances the bonding between them and also removes any fear of the adult in the child. The Montessori method of 'learning by doing at one’s own pace' is superb. From as early as 4 years, children are exposed to various skills like reading books, vocal and instrumental music, dance, drawing, swimming and silambattam. Children are encouraged to develop their own talents without any stress or pressure. Another unique feature of KMRC is enlightening the parents on a regular basis about Montessori Methods, Principles, parenting and child psychology.


The Covid 19 pandemic struck all of a sudden and halted the smooth functioning of education as a whole across the world. Hence, the learning process of children around the world shifted from class room to online class, whatsapp class and TV. But KMRC again proved their ingenuity. They strictly said NO to online classes. Instead, with their innovative method and ever co-operative staff, the Montessori environment was set up in each child’s home. The parents were given proper guidance to help their children work with the materials provided by the Centre. Hats off to all the staff of KMRC! I really appreciate their untiring effort to pursue the true Montessori spirit, in spite of Covid 19.


I have traveled these 4 years along with KMRC in my child’s journey of education and I’m sure it will continue joyfully. I take this opportunity to wish KMRC the very best in their effort to develop each child not merely as an intellectual but also as a responsible, independent and empathetic person in the society. May you excel and continue to serve people with love and dedication forever.

Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Mrs. Sumitha,


My daughter has learned so much from KMRC. The atmosphere and learning environment is so good for all the children.


Here, all the children receive individual attention. My child really loves to go to the environment and misses it badly during the holidays. She learns new things each day in a very practical way. I am very happy when she is at Kalpagam, knowing that she is well cared for. We are very thankful to KMRC.

Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Mrs. Lekshmi,


By the time our son  reached 3 yrs of age, we started looking towards giving him the best preschool experience and it was during that time,  a friend of our family narrated about their experience with Kalpagam.  Instantly we knew that it would be an ideal place for our child as well. 


From our first visit to KMRC, our son and we felt highly welcomed and contented. The learning environment and daily activities are really inspiring to both children and their parents. The management and staff take great effort in nurturing each child by knowing that each child is unique and giving them individual attention, at the same time educating both academically and personally without putting much pressure on them.


It gives us immense pleasure to see our child enjoy learning and excited about going to the centre. Every day, when he returns from the environment, he talks about his daily activities, his aunties, his friends, and pets (Browny and Roxy). It is truly a second home for our son.


In short, KMRC is amazing in all aspects. We will genuinely recommend Kalpagam if anyone wants to enroll their child in preschool for the first time. We are glad that we found you and we are very happy with our choice.

Kalpagam Montessori Resource Centre

Mrs. Sindhu,


I worked in KMRC as a Directress (Montessori teacher) from 2015 to 2017. Those were the years, that helped me to mold myself as a teacher completely. In a way, my 6 years' work experience as a traditional school teacher didn’t help me in anyway. 

In fact, as Dr. Maria Montessori says, I had a 'Spiritual Transformation'  while working at Kalpagam!


Kalpagam is not merely an institution for the children or a school, it is a place for learning, and most importantly, it is like a second home for the children. 

Not only our children, even we the adults who work in the environment get umpteen opportunities to learn lots and lots of new life lessons each and every day. Both Susheela mam and Deepti mam take a lot of effort in training us all into Montessori adults.

I thank Kalpagam for giving me a remarkable experience and transforming me in my teaching career to better understand and serve children. 

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